Organization Goals


Navigating To The Future and Driving Hunger From Our Community

What are Forgotten Harvest’s goals?

To address our community’s serious need for emergency food supplies, Forgotten Harvest’s board of directors recently approved a comprehensive three-year strategic plan. The key outcome of this plan is to increase the amount of fresh, healthy food distributed from 19.4 million pounds for fiscal year 2009-2010 to 36 million pounds annually by fiscal year 2012-2013.

How will Forgotten Harvest achieve these goals?

  • Expand our food donor base, with a concentration on nutritious food in high-volume "bulk" sectors, including commercial farms, manufacturers, and wholesalers;
  • Expand our fleet of refrigerated vehicles to accommodate the planned increase in food volume;
  • Develop enhanced kitchen and production facilities to increase production volumes of repacked prepared and bulk fresh ingredients;
  • Expand our existing facility from 20,000 to 30,000 square feet, with an emphasis on dock and refrigerated storage capacity and modifications to accommodate our rapidly increasing number of daily volunteers;
  • Engage in increased marketing and development efforts in order to build our number of donors to ensure support for increased operations beyond the plan period.

What resources will be needed to achieve these goals?

Forgotten Harvest will need additional in-kind and cash resources to accomplish our goal of distributing 36 million pounds of fresh food annually by FY 2012-2013. We will actively seek additional food donations from our growing network of food donors and will also seek added financial resources from a variety of sources, including foundations, corporations, and individuals. Building our base of individual supporters will be a key priority as we work to build a sustainable funding model to support expanded services for years to come.

How does Forgotten Harvest evaluate its performance?

Forgotten Harvest uses an innovative mobile data-tracking system modeled on UPS technology to meticulously track each pound of donated food, by category, from food donor to recipient agency. We also conduct an annual survey of our recipient agencies to gauge their service to the community, their satisfaction with our service, and also to seek their feedback on ways we can improve service.

Does Forgotten Harvest report progress toward goals?

Forgotten Harvest continually tracks progress toward achieving strategic goals and produces an Annual Report, which is made available to the public upon request.

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