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The Forgotten Harvest Office is located at:

21800 Greenfield Road

Oak Park, MI 48237

Phone: (248) 967-1500

Fax: (248) 967-1510



Forgotten Harvest Staff Directory

Executive Offices

Kirk Mayes, Chief Executive Officer, 248.298.3420

Steve Ebben, President, 248.298.3435

Debbie Bletl, Executive Assistant, 248.864.7530


Kristen Yandora, Chief Financial Officer, 248.298.3429

Hollie Bartoni, Controller, 248.864.7523

Debora Martin, Accounting Manager, 248.864.7522

Monica Gower, Accounting Clerk, 248.864.7529


John Owens, Communications Director, 248.298.3416

Food Program & Operations

Darryl Anderson, Agency Relations Manager, 248.268.7504

Ellen Busch, Administrative Coordinator, 248.298.3426

Marvin Cole, Distribution Center Worker, 248.268.7510

Jeff Diggs, Fleet Supervisor, 248.298.3430

Dijural Felder, Director of Operations, 248.298.3423

Chandra Gaskin, Agency Compliance Coordinator, 248.268.7501

Tom Haefner, Facilities and Purchasing Manager, 248.298.3431

Felicia James, Distribution Center Worker

Steve Raper, Distribution Manager, 248.298.3432

Donald Washington, IT analyst, 248.864.7531

Larry Weber, Food Donor Manager, 248.298.3427

Forgotten Harvest Farms

Mike Yancho, Farm Manager, 248.464.5410

Fundraising & Development

Tim Hudson, Chief Development Officer, 248.298.3421

Marc Berke, Senior Director of Major Gifts, 248.864.7525

Patrice Boyd, Administrative Coordinator, 248.864.7526

Susan Chomsky, Manager of Annual Giving, 248.298.3424

Kathy Davenport, Donor Care Associate, 248.864.7524

Ashleigh Dunham, Director of Corporate Development, 248.268.7522

Rebecca Gade – Sawicki, Special Events Manager, 248.864.7527

Nicky Heins, Community Engagement Coordinator, 248.268.7521

Colleen Peters, Senior Director of Strategic & Planned Gifts, 248.298.3418

Anna Wallbillich, Senior Director of Development, 248.298.3419

Sally Wheeler, Administrative Coordinator, 248.864.7528

Government Affairs

Anne Ginn, Sr. Drector Public Policy, 248.298.3425

Human Resources

Lisa Kravitz, Director of Human Resources, 248.268.7520

Social Enterprise

Chris Nemeth, Senior Director of Social Enterprise, 248.268.7514

Michael Szymanski, Repack and Food Safety Manager, 248.268.7513

Ann Schwantes, Business Manager, Social Enterprise, 248.464.8610

Volunteer Management & Kitchen Support

Marci Fitch, Volunteer Manager, 248.268.7510

Vince LaFata, Sr. Volunteer Coordinator/Re Pack Lead,248.268.7518

Krista Poole, Community Liaison, 248.298.3428

Member of Feeding America Charity Navigator 4-star Charity