Since March of 2020, our world has been turned upside down. COVID-19 has changed our societies and potentially will change the way we experience life. The Forgotten Harvest team and family has stayed focused on serving the community to the best of our ability. While we are eager to resume our regular schedules; we recognize, there are some things that need to change, forever. The death of George Floyd is a tragedy that is evidence of a systemic issue in our country. The issue of unchecked and unacknowledged racism has plagued black and brown communities for too long. Our hearts and prayers are with the family and loved ones affected by this loss.

The Forgotten Harvest team stands in solidarity with the fight for justice and equality in our country. We stand with the peaceful protest for change and support all the efforts that can bring about meaningful change. We know that the impacts of systemic racism are contributing factors to why many people must fight food insecurity. We know that the community partners we serve are on the front lines every day against poverty and inequality. We know many of the communities we serve are food deserts with a liquor store on every corner, schools filled with children who need help to eat lunch and breakfast consistently, few opportunities for true upward mobility. We realize these communities are largely black. We know most people want to do well for themselves and see a bright future for their children. That’s a natural human ambition… Humanity has no color, but black Americans must traverse an unreasonable number of obstacles just to safely exist. That’s not fair and it needs to stop. All should have equal access to opportunity and to fulfill their dreams. Our country was conceived to be free so we can achieve our greatest possibilities. We are also stronger together and if we took care of each other a little more we could save each other from a lot of pain.

This is a difficult time and we have many more tough days ahead. While we have a lot of emotions that we should express at this hour, we know a deliberate focus on systemic change will make the biggest difference for the future. This process takes time and we must be patient but also focused and resilient. Let’s not forget protest is but one of the tools available to make change. Let’s fill out our census. Let’s get serious about excellence. Let’s get healthy. Let’s invest together. Let’s listen and respect. Let’s own and build. Let’s vote. Let’s encourage and support our kids to be the best in school. Let’s create a vision that we can be excited about and chase it together like our lives depend on it. Those are our rights too, that’s how we will begin to shift reality.

We are inspired and hopeful that our future will be brighter than our past. We know there is abundance in this world, and we can all live in peace. We believe in the determination of our young people to push back against injustice. It’s time for us all to come together and push towards a brighter day. It’s time to move to a place where we are stronger because we are together, where we expand our understanding and experience. If COVID-19 has taught us anything; it’s that as a human family, we are one. If we are going to survive and thrive, we must do it together. Peace and Power to the people.