Erma, a recovering breast cancer patient, discusses how healthy food from Forgotten Harvest helped get her through treatment. Angie, a Forgotten Harvest client, talks about the challenges of taking care of her grandchildren.

Coach Khali of the Downtown Boxing Gym offers insight to how important Forgotten Harvest healthy food is to the academic and athletic disciplines his program is now famous for across the country. Mike Yancho, Forgotten Harvest Farm Manager, recaps this year’s healthy food harvest and talks about the personal rewards of his job at Forgotten Harvest.

Kristina, a Forgotten Harvest client, proudly talks about losing fifty pounds because of the healthy food she receives from Forgotten Harvest. Julena, a Forgotten Harvest driver for our summer lunch program, expresses the emotion we all feel about the Forgotten Harvest mission.

Forgotten Harvest driver Darcy Gitchuway testifies about what drives him and how his job is more than just a paycheck at Forgotten Harvest.
We call her the light on Morrell Street. Alberta Hubbard, Founder of “In The Trenches,” talks about her job in one of the most depressed areas of our city and how Forgotten Harvest offers hope to 300 families a week.

Amy, a Forgotten Harvest client, offers insight to how Forgotten Harvest food has helped her manage a very tight budget and changed the lives of her children with the healthy food we provide. Dr. Kenneth Howard, Pastor of New Breed Church and founder of the New Breed program for those in need, describes the dramatic impact Forgotten Harvest has had on his life and the lives of those he serves.

Yatopia, a Forgotten Harvest client, describes the difficulty of providing for her family due to a reduction of her hours at work. We hear stories like Yatopia’s daily at Forgotten Harvest—good, hardworking people who need Forgotten Harvest food to make ends meet. Welcome to the Forgotten Harvest volunteer program! Over 30,000 people have joined us over the past few years, and experienced first-hand the joy of giving back. Sign up today!


Holly, a Forgotten Harvest client, testifies about how our food helps her son with autism. John Whalen, a Forgotten Harvest driver, shares some of the desperation he has seen in his job and a compelling example of how this “Ambassador of the Road” was able to help someone in need.

Ken McClure, Kroger executive, explains the benefits of our partnership with Kroger.  Last year, Kroger donated over 3.0 million pounds of food to Forgotten Harvest.
Forgotten Harvest CEO, Kirk Mayes, talks about what drives Forgotten Harvest employees in our mission to reduce food insecurity throughout metro Detroit.

Julia, a Forgotten Harvest client, describes the pain of job loss and the impact that loss has had on her life.


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