Smart Giving! Avoid Capital Gains and Feed The Hungry

Appreciated securities held more than one year may allow you to avoid capital gains tax while also receiving a tax deduction for your gift. In advance of transfer, please let us know the name of the stock and number of shares so that we alert our broker and acknowledge the gift properly.

How To Transfer Your Gift

Marketable securities held by a broker may be delivered by wire through Charles Schwab. Instructions are as follows:

DTC # 0164 (Charles Schwab)

A/C Forgotten Harvest, Inc.

A/C #4324-7993

In advance of transfer, please let us know:

1. The name of the stock

2. The number of shares you are gifting so that we may alert our broker to accept these securities and acknowledge the gift properly. 

For tax purposes, the Forgotten Harvest EIN number is 38-2926476.


Please contact Tim Hudson at or 248-298-3421.

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