FH Community Truck Help us drive out hunger for our neighbors!

Our trucks are our logistics and enable our food to reach our partners and distribution sites. Our 35+ vehicle fleet is comprised of refrigerated box trucks, refrigerated tractor semi-trailers, refrigerated commercial vans, and pick-up trucks and trailers used on our farm – makes possible, quite literally, our mission of “driving hunger from metro Detroit.”

We need to replace several trucks over the next few years. Each truck lasts us about 10 years, distributing over 2,000,000 lbs. of food and driving over 500,000 miles to help care for and feed food-insecure children, families, and seniors – our neighbors in need.

This spring, Forgotten Harvest seeks critical funds to replace our trucks to sustain our expanded levels of food rescue and distribution. We are asking our supporters and the Forgotten Harvest community to join in partnership with Forgotten Harvest for a new challenge campaign to raise funds needed to purchase a new refrigerated box truck for Forgotten Harvest, which costs over $200,000 now to acquire!

Donors of $250 or more will have their names permanently displayed on the FH truck driving around metro Detroit picking up and distributing surplus nutritious food to our neighbors in need. We will schedule an opportunity for donors to see the truck once completed for those interested in getting a photo, etc.

Giving Levels: Family Giving and Company or Foundation sponsorship are welcomed!

Mechanic $250 Recognition name on truck 1x

Chauffeur $500 Recognition name on truck 2x larger size font/name inscription

Wide Load $1000+ Recognition name on truck 4x larger size font/name inscription

For questions please get in touch with Mary Moore Butler for more information- mmoorebutler@forgottenharvest.org or call 248-268-7538.