Welcome to the Forgotten Harvest Office 365/Teams Conversion page.

Update: Saturday 6:05 p.m.

We are encouraging staff to log into the new Office.com web based Office 365/Teams. Please follow the revised steps below which replaces what was sent earlier this week.

For users who had smart phone Office apps installed, note red bolded step below. If you don’t do this step, it will be very frustrating getting your apps to point to new FH tenant.

  1. You now have two logins and passwords, your usual one for laptop and your new one for Office 365. At some later date you can set the passwords to be the same
  2. Do not use the Outlook, Teams or OneNote applications on your laptop or desktop computer at this time. Do not use any mobile Office 365 apps at this time
  3. Log into www.office.com from any browser to access Office 365/Teams from the web, either from home or at office. Use your new password that was provided early this week. Change: The system will not do the MFA step at this time
  4. You will be brought into the Microsoft Office 365/Teams online experience. Here you can access Outlook email, calendar, Teams Chat and the rest of the Microsoft Office Suite. Again, you can access Microsoft Office 365/Teams anytime, anywhere on any browser device (including your phone browser) at www.office.com
  5. Uninstall and reinstall all Microsoft Office apps on cell phone. Your new login and password will be set up in the reinstalled app.
    Note: Very important. You must manually delete the “Feeding America” ForgottenHarvest.org entry in the Authenticator app or nothing will connect properly to Forgotten Harvest’s new tenant
  6. Important: Do not use Outlook/Teams on your laptop or desktop until IT can visit your device in the office to reload Outlook. Rather use web Outlook/Teams