Forgotten Harvest has embarked on a transformational $17 million campaign to maximize the alleviation of hunger and food insecurity across southeastern Michigan, as our organization begins its fourth decade of service. The campaign is 97% complete and we need your help to cross the finish line!


Demand for emergency food remains very high for many children, families, and seniors in metro Detroit. Forgotten Harvest’s mission is essentially unchanged from its founding in 1990, but the community’s expectation of what it means to serve our neighbors in need has. Food insecurity isn’t solved by addressing hunger with any food that is available. Food equity, access, and proper nutritional mix are critical health priorities. Forgotten Harvest developed an innovative strategic plan to deliver the Right Food to the Right Place in the Right Quantity at the Right Time. This updated vision aims for a higher standard based on health, nutrition, wellness, and community connection.

To download the Campaign Brochure and FAQ follow these links.

Strategic Vision – Campaign Case CEO Presentation Senator Stabenow
Ground Breaking Ceremony Construction Progress as of 9/28/21


There are three ways you can help:

  1. You may make a single campaign gift, or make a commitment for a pledge that is payable over a 3 to 5 year period.
  2. You can make a gift to have your own brick paver installed at the new location.
  3. Make an online gift via our donation website using your credit or bank card.

Please click on the tabs below, for more information.

All donors $2500 or more will be recognized via a prominent donor wall in our main entrance and lobby. Donations of $50,000 or more will receive additional area naming recognition. Please view this listing for area naming opportunities.

Please contact Tim Hudson at or 248-298-3421 if you need assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may make a campaign gift commitment/pledge that is payable over a 3 to 5-year period. You can pay it off sooner if you wish. We ask that you sign a gift pledge agreement with us, so we can record it, etc.

We can accept gifts of cash (cash, checks or credit card payment) and securities. We will also discuss other forms of investment (i.e. your foundation, donor advised funds, a borrowing Strategy from your Life Insurance, annuity payment to us, or charitable lead trust) on a case by case basis. Call 248-298-3421 if you need assistance.

Yes, 100% tax-deductible, as we are a 501c3 non-profit EIN 38-2926476

Yes, we accept them! Appreciated securities held more than one year allow you to avoid capital gains tax while also receiving a tax deduction for your gift. Marketable securities held by a broker may be delivered by wire to us through Charles Schwab. Please visit our webpage to learn more via or call Tim Hudson at 248-298-3421 if you need assistance.

Yes, we do, and encourage it. Please discuss with your employer or other matching entity about how you can get your gift matched. Call 248-298-3421 if you need assistance.

Yes, we have some naming opportunities of major-function areas of the planned campus and facility, starting at $50,000+ gift pledges. There will be a permanent donor wall displayed at the new facility, and there will be some media communication once the campaign goes public. If you wish to remain anonymous in your giving, that can also be accommodated. Also, we expect the number of naming opportunities to grow as facility plans are finalized more.